Lynda Oatley - Converge Worldwide

Lynda is serving at Reame Children's Shelter, a project of Converge Worldwide. Reame is a residential shelter in the greater Rio de Janeiro area for children who have been rescued from the streets and from abusive/neglectful homes. They have two houses, one for boys and one for girls. Each house can hold up to 12 children. They receive children between the ages of 2 and 12. They are all wards of the court and may stay with us until their 18th birthday, if necessary. They have a psychologist, professional teacher and social workers on staff. Their goal is to present the Lord Jesus Christ to each child during their stay. Most children make a decision for Christ while they are there. Prayer is a huge need in this ministry as the spiritual battles are great because of the children's backgrounds. To learn more about Converge Worldwide and Reame Children's Shelter, please view their website here.

Pastor Jesse Quapourlee - New Testament Baptist Church of Monrovia

Pastor Jesse Quapourlee is the pastor of New Testament Baptist Church of Monrovia, Liberia in West Africa. He and his wife Comfort have five children. The people of this region are open to the Word of God, and many are being saved by the grace of God. Currently, the church has approximately 100 baptized members and a weekly attendance of about 300, including many children. Nearly 90% of the congregation are unemployed due to current economic conditions in Liberia, so financial needs are great. Even in their state of poverty, God has blessed them with the establishment of an outreach called Baptist Rural Mission of Africa where they have a Christian school, bus ministry, church planting, medical assistance and food relief. Finances are needed to fund the school, purchase a bus engine, NKJV Bibles and pews for the church. Pastor Quapourlee asks that you would pray for God's provision to them and for the salvation of many more souls. You are encouraged to contact him at jqjesussaves @gmail.com.

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